Sunday, July 12, 2015

Russian Crackdown on Foreign Groups

Our Russian friends, especially orphans, need prayer.

The Russian government continues to stop foreign charities, missionaries, and addiction treatment groups from setting up shop there. Most Western Christian groups have had to leave Russia after doing a great deal of work to help local churches and do great social work. In fact, most of the Christian colleges and western style churches have been closed in the last few years.

Recently the government has put pressure on some of the largest American foundations, perhaps because they were sending millions of dollars to fund human rights and freedom of press groups. The MacArthur Foundation, which has billions of dollars, has spent about $179,000,000 there since 1991!

Some Christian groups have accomplished great things with much smaller contributions but even they are under great pressure by government agencies. Prayers are needed for all positive effort to support the people of Russia.

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