Friday, April 10, 2015

What is Sin, big ones, little ones?

At the end of the year I looked over the top ten stories of 2014 and was amazed to see that the top six most read were all about one topic.

I am concerned at how much air time and ink is spent on sin and sins. It seems to me that far too many of us are confused about the topic so our talk and writing leaves people even more confused than ever.

So, before I begin to really pontificate about the topic, I need to do some research. You write and tell me what you want to get clarity about.

1. What is SIN?
2. What is the difference between BIG SINS and Little Sins? Give me some examples of each kind.
3. What happens when we commit a BIG SIN?
4. A Little Sin?
5. Is it possible to live without sin?
6. Can a Christian sin?
7. Should Christian's confess their sins?

My e-Book, Healing Release of the Holy Spirit discusses some of these issues.

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Jen said...

I hesitate to go first, but I doubt I'll be at a place where I could answer later.
1. Sin is doing what is wrong in God's eyes. It's also NOT doing what's right.
2. If there is a difference between big sin and little sin, it's only in a human estimation. God doesn't see degrees of sin. "No that dress doesn't make you look fat" is as bad as murder. (Now doesn't THAT put an interesting spin on husband/wife conversation?)
3. When we commit any sin, we separate ourselves from God. Emotionally, we tend to be bothered by big sin, haunted by it, unless we have so abused our consciences with amoral behavior that we are numb to wrong-doing.
4. People consider little sins to be things like lying, shorting the change back in a transaction, using an expired coupon, running a stop sign. I mean, MAYBE people consider that to be little sin. Maybe they just think that's normal and acceptable.
5. No.
6. Yes.
7. Yes.