Thursday, April 2, 2015

How do we motivate people to change?

We care!

They share!

We insist and they resist!

For years I have studied how to  inspire people to change. There are many models being used but not all of them work to get people moving in a preferred direction. In fact, some attempts actually cause people to go the opposite direction.

For example, the anti-drug program DARE is a real failure. After a visit to a school by the DARE team research shows that the kids are LESS LIKELY than before to follow the DARE model.  
Most Suicide Prevention Programs have also had poor results. Kids are LESS LIKELY to speak up or try to prevent a friend from self harm.

Other programs and leaders have positive outcomes. Why? What is the difference?

Do you know why training and programs have success? Because we look for positive outcomes and ask the Clients what outcomes they want to work on? After they tell us we assist them in accomplishing the positive changes.

Most every traditional governmental, medical and religious group refuses to ask clients what they want. the attitude seems to be:

"We know what you SHOULD want and we insist that you want it as well." That spells FAILURE after FAILURE!

See Hope and Change for Humpty Dumpty for a strategy that fosters positive outcomes. 

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