Sunday, April 5, 2015

My friend Phil Heimlich's Hard Truths Debuts on Cincinnati's 55KRC

                                     Phil will light a fire under passive people!

You know him as an attorney and a former politician. Now, Phil Heimlich is the host of a new radio feature called Hard Truths, which will be heard on 55KRC (550AM) in Cincinnati each morning and afternoon. 

Spending over a year in development, Hard Truths was conceived to address today's top social issues without being tied to the standard notions of liberalism verses conservatism. Hard Truths will uniquely focus on today's most meaningful issues, issues that have a direct impact on you, your family, your job, your safety and your life.

Listen for Phil Heimlich's Hard Truths each weekday morning between 6am-8am and again each weekday afternoon between 4pm-6pm on 55KRC (550AM) in Cincinnati and on the iHeart Radio App. You can also listen to Hard Truths on demand each day and get Phil's daily commentaries at

Phil Heimlich's Hard Truths bringing passion, common-sense and thought provoking opinion to today's most confusing issues. Hard Truths debuts on April 6th.

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