Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to Promote Life After Birth

About 20% of the babies born in America have some sort of delay, disability or disease. Of the five houses on your street, one will likely be impacted by illness.

There would be more except abortion kills about 80% of the babies with Down Syndrome and other genetic aberrations.

For the past fifty years I have focused a lot of personal and professional energy in attempting to support these special people and their families. I grew up in a family with an uncle that was severely brain damaged and I saw first hand how difficult  and stressful it is to rear such a child and young man and adult.

As Americans we love to support organizations that raise awareness and money to meet the needs of people with an acute crisis. Show me photos of pregnant teens, hungry kids or thirsty villages in Africa and we react with energy and money. Most charities promote a series of crises and emotional messages to get funds and keep going.

Rearing a disabled child is not just and immediate crisis. It is a long term chronic situation. There are no quick fixes and the ongoing struggles bring exhaustion, conflicts, despair, and even divorce.

Our ministries develop tools and processes to support families over the long haul. It is not glamorous with instant outcomes but provides consistent support and reduction of stress and conflict. Our outcomes build every year because we train caregivers and friends how to plan for the long haul.

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