Sunday, December 29, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Impact the World Today

Some say Christians are stopped by society and government from reaching out with the good news. Can you see a way past this gate? Here is how to impact the culture for good.

1. Win unbelievers to faith in Christ
2. Equip those new believers to do what Christ did
3. Teach the basics of God's word
4. Emphasize the Fruit of the Spirit as the base for influencing others
5. Encourage everyone to discover his/her gifts and talents
6. Teach everyone how to pray with power
7. Have worship services that encounter God in Spirit and in truth
8. Focus on building great relationships in marriage, parenting and family life
9.  Encourage each person to release his/her talents and gifts in the neighborhood and workplace
10. Be generous to others but especially the sick, poor, widows and orphans

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