Monday, December 2, 2013

Knockout Games

Unless you have been in a cave without any news you know about the current game of coming upon an innocent person on the street and with no notice hitting them as hard as you can. The goal is to see if you can knock the person unconscious with one blow.

Tonight on Fox News I heard a Democrat Congressman from New York talk about its dangers and how "senseless" this is. He, and almost every public figure, says it is impossible to understand the motives behind these vicious attacks.
I have a hunch as to what is going on.

A few weeks ago I posted several articles from the Kaiser Foundation on the research they started in the Eighties. It is called "The Adverse Childhood Events Research" and shows a very high correlation between Shock, Trauma, Abuse and Neglect and high risk adult behavior. 

This chart shows some of the high correlation between Adverse Childhood Events and Adult Alcoholism. Look at the Stair Step Progression from 0. ACE to 4 or more Adverse Events. Some 3% of Children with no Adverse Events suffered from a Alcoholism.

A whopping 16% of the Adults that had 4 or more ACE went on to abuse alcohol. You must be asking the question on my lips: "What is an adverse event and how can we prevent them? Read my book Breaking Free and see how to minister freedom to such persons.

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