Thursday, December 12, 2013

Poor Boys in School

As a boy I was blessed with great education. We attended a four room school with four teachers for eight grades. It was a marvelous learning community, because we had to learn how to learn. there were 25 to 30 kids in each class and almost every one of us was poor. there was one thing missing. No one was a victim.

Oh, we had bullies. We were often picked on but I do not remember ever having a teacher interfere in our battles. We fought our own battles and got partners to assist us. One time Eke Allen got my brother down on the ground ready to beat him us until I picked up a big club and hit Eke hard in the head. He got up and we stood together against him.

But learning every lesson for two years was the best education possible. Being poor and having to work hard was great.

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