Monday, December 9, 2013

Seasoned Believers Need Revival

We are very intent on equipping people to deal with childhood hurts, abandonment and deep heart wounds. Great things can happen in the large arenas when gifted healers preach and pray for healing. However, large crowds cannot achieve the deep inner healing so desperately needed by adults who suffer from Adverse Childhood Events. In my experience, the long term changes in people are rarely achieved without long term healing relationships. 

Ten or twenty people may be deeply touched at a meeting of 5000 people but they are often unable to maintain any real long term changes.  Large group healing meetings are the least effective ways to do a successful healing ministry. Just as 95% of new converts come to faith through the witness of close family and friends, most people experience deep heart healing through the care, counsel, prayers and  faithful friendship over a long period of time. Just think about Saul. He was deeply touched by Jesus and knocked off his horse. But that was just the beginning of his journey to maturity. It was about fifteen years lather when Barnabas went up to Tarsus and brought him back to Antioch.

Saul ended up touching millions because the Damascus Road miracle was the beginning of the journey not the end. If those 5000 people gathered to hear a healing teacher and received healing were to get equipped themselves they could develop the skills and insights to minister to hundreds of thousands of others. Instead, most go home without a healing and with no anointing as great as the speaker so they are unable to do more than tall what a miracle worker did for somebody else. 

The book God's Threads or What a Coincidence tells how a lay couple who were Seasoned Believers in a large Presbyterian Church decided to REFIRE rather than RETIRE. They bought a Winnebago and traveled far and wide around the nation volunteering to train lay people in the basics of Christian ministry. They raised up teams of Lay Evangelists to do Outreaches, Healing Services, Lay Care and Counseling, Lay Pastoring, Lead Small Groups, etc.

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