Friday, December 13, 2013

Learning Good Stuff

Even though we had a rural school with only four teachers for eight grades we learned a lot of good stuff. for example, we had to memorize poetry. And, Mr. Upchurch used behavioral modification to motivate us. He used a lot of contests and gave prizes to us.

One of his favorite prizes was taking the lunch money down to the cooks so they knew how many were going to stay for lunch. Mr. Upchurch would give us a poem to memorize and ask first thing in the morning who knew it. Since the winner was picked to take the money to Mrs. lee and Mrs. Dunbar I always tried to win. Whomever won not only got to go see the cooks he or she also usually got a hot cookie with cold milk so it was a great reason to memorize a simple poem.

I can still remember the Walt Whitman poem written as a remembrance of Abe Lincoln's death. Do any of you remember it? I will print it next time.

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