Tuesday, January 2, 2018

We Took in a Stranger over Christmas

                                       Can of Worms

As you know, the weather was cold and frightful over the past few weeks. A friend had no place for her friend to stay when she went back home and asked if we could put her up for ten days. 

We thought, "How much trouble can that be? It is just a week!"

So we said, "Sure. Be glad to."

We had no idea how having a guest for a week could disrupt our entire family system. Everything about the ways we ate, gathered, slept, and entertained was impacted drastically. 

We made arrangements for our guest to settle down in the extra bedroom/TV room so from that first day, we had to change our entire schedule of watching the news and finding shows down in our basement. It was not a terrible thing but our habit of dining next to the TV room so we could overhear the news was no longer an option. 

Our dog was extremely jealous of her and that meant the two had to be separated at all times. But she, the dog, loves the TV bedroom and cannot really watch TV comfortably in the basement. She became depressed, irritable, and anxious that not even two visits to the Dog Psychiatrist calmed her down. 

Then the grandkids came over and we were pressed for another bed. Was it ethical and moral for the 12 year old to bed down with our guest? Sheds of X Rated Videos, we had to try it. 

At 4:00 AM in the morning our guest woke up and began to cry out for food, disturbing our grandson and rousting me out of bed. This made it a very long day with grouchy people trying hard to be nice to the guest but it was a challenge. 

Finally, our friend came back from holiday and took our guest away. Whew! The week was finished and our TV/Bedroom was back in play. 

Our compassion was necessary but the sacrifice great.

Scout, thanks for allowing us to have you as our guest!

PS. We will be out of town next year!

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