Sunday, December 31, 2017


Not long ago we celebrated Thanksgiving in America. As I wrote then, my Russian friends marvelled at the fact that we have the phrase "In God we Trust" on our money and set aside one day each year to Thank God for His blessings. 

Today I am thinking more about gratitude because we are hearing that several companies are giving large bonuses to their employees. Some are as large as $1000.00 per person! 

That is a remarkable thing to do and is very generous thing for a company to do when it amounts to many millions of Dollars that they could use in other ways. 

My friends and I were recently discussing their expected year-end bonuses and some were excited that it would be bigger than they had supposed. Some others were thinking that this could be a down year for their company and that means no bonus at all. 

During the discussion it struck me that I have never  been in a job where any bonuses were given. I am not unhappy about that fact, nor do I covet the bonuses my friends and family get. I have always been in jobs where bonuses were not a tradition or expectation. I have been a teacher, a college administrator, a minister, a counselor, and the head of a charity. None of my students or clients or church members sent me a bonus because I did a good job! 

As a child I was taught to be grateful for whatever I had and not to covet what others had. I am often tempted to covet the house, car, or income of others but it doesn't last long. I think God has given me what I needed. If I were poor I might be angry and if I were rich I might be proud. So, I am thankful for the roof over my head, the food that I enjoy, and the warm clothes I wear. 

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