Saturday, December 30, 2017

Disciples are Grown not Reborn

I read a lot about Discipleship these days. It seems there are several ideas about the way Disciples are developed.

1. As soon as a person is reborn, they are supposed to be disciples ready to witness, serve, teach, lead, and minister to others. When I ask how long it was after Saul met Jesus on the Road to Damascus that he became a leader, I usually hear some irrational ideas. What do you say?
a. Immediately
b. When he returned to Jerusalem
c. When he was in Tarsus
d. When he joined the group at Antioch
e. When he was on the first Missionary Journey

2. Who Equipped Saul to lead?
a. Peter
b. The guy in Damascus that prayed for him to see again
c. Nobody-Jesus did it directly
d. Joseph/Barnabas

3. How much time passed after Saul Christ before he was in leadership?
a. Two days
b. Three years
c. Five Years
d. Ten Years
e. Fifteen Years

Leave me a note with your guess.

Gary Sweeten
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