Monday, December 25, 2017

When Gary met Jens-Petter and History was Made

I met Jens-Petter in Nairobi, Kenya in 198 when we were both attending a conference for "Leaders of Leaders Conference". He was head of the Lutheran Renewal in Norway and I was head of the Renewal for Presbyterians in the USA. We roomed next door to each other and spent an entire day with a young, enthusiastic African Pastor named Paul who drove us all over the place to visit his home village and his family.

This photo was taken when Jens-Petter and I were having lunch with the Bishop of a huge indigenous African Church. We asked him how many members were in his church and he said "There are between 30 and 40 million members! It is hard to keep track. Most of them have no building or formal places to gather."

Jens-Petter and I felt like a "Lion in a den of Daniels!" These Pastors had suffered mightily for Christ and were still persecuted. 

As a result of that meeting Jens-Petter decided God was calling me to come to Norway to teach. I have been deeply engaged with him ever since. 

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