Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Strangers and Cats Stay Awhile

Several people responded to my blog post yesterday. I am sure it must have been a bit puzzling, especially if it was read as a straight story about a cat. 

I intended it as a parable for families, churches, and groups. After Scout came to visit with us I began to think about my classes on Family Systems. One of the basic tenets of Systems' Thinking is that a family's or group's behavior cannot be fully understood just by looking at one member of the group. We need to examine how the group operates when it faces any change small or large. 

 When we took Scout in for a few days, it was a small event that had an influence on many parts of the family system. When a new baby is born into a family, everything changes for every member!
When a death occurs or a child leaves home, or a group invites a new member to join it, every interaction between every member is impacted. The ways we eat, when we eat, how we sleep and how long we sleep will be impacted. 

This is why adopting a child or taking in a Foster Child can cause such large disruptions. People get irritated, and may blame the new member for changing everything. It may be one of the main reasons Christians refuse to evangelize or invite friends to church. When a new person shows up the Minister may spend more time with him or her than the "Older Brother" that has been there for years! 

Yes, sibling rivalry occurs among pets, church members, workers, and small groups. 

So, all you pet lovers can relax. I am not mad at Scout. I was simply using her to illustrate a larger point. 

You can learn more about Family Systems' Thinking by downloading my PDF book, How to be Me in My Family Tree. You will learn how to herd cats!

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