Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Times are a Changing to EQ Skills

It is a very small step from Google and Amazon to a robotic invasion in every sphere of life. Robots are operating in our daily lives and we currently like the results.

I prefer to go to Amazon and buy books because it is easy, convenient, fast, and cheap. However, the entire Amazon enterprise run by Jeff Bezos is operating almost exclusively with robots and digital communication.

And, it is a heartless operation based on digital robots that are making Bezos and his stockholders tons of money. (He is said to be worth about 73 Billion Dollars.) Almost all jobs that require hands on technical skills are doomed.

The people that can rise to the top of the business pyramid must have good skills and education in how to plan and operate with great speed and wisdom. One thing is sure. The future is fraught with unknowns. Those with a High EQ will survive and thrive. 

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