Thursday, March 30, 2017

A National Scandal in the White House

The Twitterverse went nuts.

MSNBC was almost catatonic with shock.

Senator Schumer called for an immediate resignation and a Special Prosecutor.

Two Congressional Committees have been called to investigate the occurrences which are occurring more frequently every week it has been reported.

The Feminist Bikers have called for another March for Freedom and released a memo called the VP shameless, and anti-woman.

The DNC has called for impeachment and former President Clinton has called for laws demanding that Trump  increase the educational budget for training preschoolers about the dangers of following in the footsteps of such anti-American values.  


The charges are raw. Ask the children to leave the room in case and adult reads them aloud.

There are three main charges.
1. VP Pence never takes a woman to lunch or dinner alone without having his wife along.

MS Magazine just ran a special edition of 600 pages writing a series on "Men and Power who Batter their Wives!" Mr. Silver of the Times is using his IT skills to dig out the times an emergency bus has been called to the Pence home on Super Bowl Sunday when so may wives are battered by men high on testosterone after watching other men get hit in the Super Bowl.

2. VP Pence will not attend parties where alcohol is served without his "Love Slave" Mrs. Pence being at his side. That is totally callous and a lack of concern for her welfare having to breathe in second hand alcohol fumes.

3. VP Pence brags that Mrs. Pence is his,.........."wait-wait-wait" PRAYER Partner!!!!!!!!

This is a clear violation of the separation of church and state. Does VP Pence not KNOW he is a Govt. Employee!!!??? Pray? He is not allowed to pray. What could be next? Singing Hymns?

I am sending a petition for you to sign. Print it out, sign on the line saying, "I pledge to send $100,00 per month to the group promoting this petition.

Thanks and happy days are here again!


U-ben Had


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