Thursday, March 2, 2017

Family Health and Sickness

"Our society is undergoing a time of great regression."

I first heard of social regression when studying Counseling and Psychology from a perspective of Family Systems. Family Systems is based on the notion that our issues and problems lie not just withing us but also in-between us.

Freud and most other theorists that developed western Psychological ideas thought that a neurosis or psychosis was primarily caused by our inner brokenness, distortions, and confusion. Those of us who studied Family Systems do not disagree with that but also suggest that the entire family as a unit can and does develop patterns, relationships, and habits that we adopt ourselves to cause us to act dysfunctionally.

For the Jews and Christian readers I suggest you reread the many passages in the Bible that talk about generational blessings and problems. My main system's teacher was Rabbi Ed. Friedman.

The topic of Family Regression key to understand why poor people become worse off and rich people get richer over time. Healthy families tend to produce healthy kids. The new families they develop keep that pattern up from generation to generation.

Educated families tend to produce educated children who produce educated children for many generations. Educated people tend to marry others who are educated and people that are healthier mentally, emotionally, and relationally tend to find mate with a similar level of health.

Spiritually Mature families tend to produce spiritually mature kids. Spiritually mature families tend to be much healthier mentally, emotionally, physically, and relationally than those who are not spiritual.

Over time, the only way to develop Family Progression is to support healthier family practices over time. When we do that, these families bond together to form Social Progression. However, when a lot of families Regress emotionally, and interpersonally, they begin to drag society at large down as well.

This is Social Regression.

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By the way, there is a great book that shows what happens when several generations of family patterns has a lot of alcohol and anger in it. And, how healing is coming to one brave woman. 

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