Tuesday, March 14, 2017

From Gutenberg to Google

                                   God is Love!
                              Love One Another

1.     The world has transitioned out of the Gutenberg world into a Google world.
2.     Google world: Experiential, Participatory, Image-rich, and Connective.
3.     The interface of today’s world is E.P.I.C.
4.     The Gutenberg world was rational; today’s world is experiential.
5.     The Gutenberg world was logical and linear encouraging people to “intellectually comprehend and understand.”
6.     Google world people want to experience God.
7.     The church can better interact with the world today by shifting to become more experiential rather than just intellectual as a basis of outreach.
8.     We are in a taste and see world.  People want to experience God, not just have rational thoughts about God.
9.     The Gutenberg world valued individual performance; now people value participation.
10.     People live in a “karaoke” culture centered around interaction not just receive listening and observing.
11.     The church must shift from performance of the gospel to participation in the gospel.
12.     Gutenberg world was communicating words, but now people value images.
13.     Today’s culture is picture-rich, image-driven.
14.     The advertising industry utilizes storytelling with images more than words

Are you and I ready to teach, train, and lead in the future? What can we do to get ready? For Christian leaders, the model of Gutenberg can help us. The very first publications on movable type were Bibles! That is a great metaphor for us today. Can we lead the way in providing high quality digital images of biblical stories? 

I say, "YES we can!" 

Gary Sweeten

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