Thursday, March 2, 2017

Healing PTSD

Members of  a  Ministry for Healing Addictions in Russia. 

Adverse Childhood Events and other traumatic events in life can be substantially healed. Many of them leave our brains addled and our nerves shot.. Our natural response to trauma is to react to defend ourselves for the possibility of future trauma. So, we tend to develop protective habits of anxiety and fear. 

I have often shared how we developed groups and classes in caring and renewing the mind as well as prayer to equip believers how to seek personal healing. These same groups are also very useful to equip believers to carry the healing love of God to others. 

1. Caring skills of Genuineness, Respect, Empathy and Warmth (GREW) that convey grace, mercy and peace. Nothing is more important in promoting growth and healing in ourselves and the people around us.

2. Renewing the mind so we can "Take every thought captive to the mind of Christ". Our approach is to teach people how to stop Stinking Thinking and developing Spirit directed thinking. If we can think about life through a lens of the mind of Christ we will be set free from past stresses and traumatic events. 

3. Learning how to implement prayers for healing the results of past trauma. People suffering from depression are often victims of trauma that soaking prayer and the love of God. Even those with habits of drugs and anger, have seen great healing from prayer

We warmly accept, love and care for all persons. When it is the right time and place we may also turn to James, Chapter 5. and implement his suggestions on healing prayers. 

 If you want to know howto minister growth and healing get my PDF book, Breaking Free, along with Power Christian Thinking. 

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