Saturday, March 25, 2017

Devastation in our Land

There is a problem in our land. Because of terrible political leadership, many people are falling behind in their ability to interact with an educated population. This means that the percentage of young people who are unemployable is rising dramatically.

You can quickly review my post about the impact of technology on educated citizens so imagine how it is going to impact those with little education.

For the past two years my colleagues and I have been training volunteers to Mentor  high school students in our urban schools. The people that volunteer give up time, energy, and attention to support these young men and women. They are as wonderful and caring as any adults I have ever met. Despite our good intentions, the young people with whom they are paired find that positive change is extremely difficult.

Many of the youth do manage to study, try and make some dramatic changes. However, it is awfully late in their young lives to alter what their aberrant behavior.  Many have almost no positive family and community support. It is a dog eat dog existence!

That is why our Mentors work so hard to help them. Many of the young men and women are bright and try hard against a strong head wind. Most come from single parent families regardless of race or ethnicity. Broken families are devastating generations of kids just as the Bible suggests.

Scripture warns us that broken families will produce generational problems and healthy kids and intact, caring families will very likely produce generations of strong kids.

I wish every church and every public agency would urge dads to marry and stay married when they produce offspring. Too many liberals have promoted the idea that marriage is unimportant and that concern about single parenting is racist.

It is racist to promote policies that destroy Black families and it shows hatred toward the poor of any race or ethnicity to promote anti-family policies like those passed by President Johnson called "The War on Poverty" when it was a war on the poor.

Vice President Dan Quayle was 100% correct way back in the George H. W. Bush Administration when he had the audacity to suggest that TV shows which glorified "alternative forms" of marriage and family life were dangerous.

Come and visit the inner city and volunteer to help these devastated moms and their wounded kids. Then tell me how all the "alternatives" are just as healthy as traditional marriages and traditional families.

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