Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Christianity is a Modernizing Faith

1.     The newer emerging Christianity is modernizing parts of the world where it is growing.
2.     Women’s roles are not restricted as seen in foreign culture, but they are a force in transforming their cultures.
3.     Foundations are being laid for civil societies and government (the church was the foundation of American democracy).
4.     Churches emerge that believe in healing, purity, and economic political stability.

Forty or fifty years ago, everyone was predicating the end of the church . . . killed by urbanization, modernization, industrialization. You come back today and it is exactly those factors that have been most responsible for the growth of churches . . . taught their believers ways of coping in an industrial world . . . they are the ultimate social and cultural revolutionaries.  ~Philip Jenkins 

5.     Christianity not only heals societies but also brings growth, stability and liberation from former tribal thinking and acting. 

This photo shows a new group of Christians in a public school in another nation. We help people all over the planet how to set up small groups of Believers so they can build each other up in their new faith. 

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