Sunday, April 3, 2016

Why Great Leaders Seek Complaints

                                      Thorn in the flesh!

If we look hard at growing and organizations we see a similar process. They ask for feedback, positive or negative. They need both but they want complaints more than positive encouragements.

Now, compare that with most Charities and Churches. Rarely do they ask for complaints. When someone brave enough to complain comes along the leaders get defensive, protective, and blame.

The villain in this scenario can be one or several individuals.

1. Blame the Complainant. "You are old and cranky!"
2. Blame the person in the organization that is responsible for the area of weakness. "If you screw up again it's the end."
3. Blame yourself for allowing imperfections. "I have failed again!"
4. Blame the Devil for attacking your organization. "It is so successful that Satan is trying to stop us."
5. Blame God for failing to protect you from Adversity. (Oh, Lord! Why do you want to punish me?"
6. Blame reality and deny that anything is wrong. "Those people do not really understand our goals."

Whom do you blame when you hear a complaint?

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