Monday, April 4, 2016

Why Are Complaints Good for Us?

Why in the world would great leaders seek complaints? A little reflection will, no doubt, reveal to you why. Do you want to ponder this question for a little while right now?

Every organization is in the change business. We all want to get better at what we do and the services we are delivering. I spoke with a man recently that told me he knew a company that was growing fast in the early days of the Dot. com bubble. The owner was offered $100 million Dollars for it but turned it down.

Advisers and friends strongly urged him to sell but he refused. He blamed them for having no faith in him and for being disloyal!

The company failed in the later collapse and he lost everything because he refused to take the complaints of his team as anything but stupidity.

Proverbs says, "There is wisdom in Counselors"! Organizations need wisdom from those who tell the truth. Hopefully it will come in love but regardless it needs to be truthful.

Can you receive complaints without BLAMING?

Can you use the complaints to improve the organization?

Can you and your organization grow from them?

How have you done it in the past?

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