Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Report from Behind the Iron Curtain

The term, "Iron Curtain" was created by Winston Churchill in a speech after WWII in Missouri. It was intended to describe the wall of total control exhibited by the Bolsheviks and radical Left Wing Socialists that had taken over Russia and the Eastern Bloc of nations.

Churchill actually wanted to give arms to the defeated Germans and destroy the Left Wing Communists then but no one had the guts or heart to wage another war.

With the leadership of Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher in England and Pope John Paul the Iron Curtain was ripped into shreds. For a few years, liberty and freedom reigned but another Iron Curtain has descended on the Eastern Bloc and we are doing a lot to promote freedom through Jesus Christ in the hearts and lives of the people.

In 1929 the Socialist Government passed a Law prohibiting churches and Christians from practicing their faith outside the four walls of the church building. That attitude is growing again in the Eastern Bloc.

Prayer brought the USSR to its knees and prayer can penetrate the curtain again.

Pray for our friends who must remain anonymous for they operate largely underground. 

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