Saturday, April 30, 2016

Reaching Others in a Hostile Culture

I was speaking recently with a retired minister and his wife about the challenges of evangelizing in today's society. I asked him what he was doing today to effectively reach people with the gospel.

They responded by offering a series of ways they serve the church as a retired couple to leave the four walls of the building and touch people. They offer food to the hungry, clothes to the poor and friendship to the lonely along with prayers and support for the needy. It was a wonderful example older Christians being friends and neighbors to people in need.

They also mentioned that few of the people they served actually came into the church. they are upset and concerned about what happens to new believers that fail to join a fellowship learn about ways to live a new life in Christ.

I asked them, "Why do you think that happens? He said, "Many do not trust the church'. They have been hurt and frankly a lot of church people do not want new people."

As we discussed this issue further, he said, "The church needs to do what Christ commanded" and I asked, "Which thing?" He said, "Go preach the gospel and get people saved" but too many churches are not doing it.

This fine man and wife are genuine believers doing the work of the Lord.  Yet, there is a fatal flaw in his theology. Did you catch it in what he said about the teaching of Christ?

Gary Sweeten
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