Saturday, April 2, 2016

What is needed to Lead?

There are so many articles about leadership in business, church, government, schools, and life. I think a lot of it panders to the desire of people to be important. As a result, the articles and advice make little sense and it is ineffective.

The articles are usually quite simplistic and focus on one factor or idea such as being effective speakers, organized, creative, generous, visionary, efficient, etc. All of those must be present in an organization but not all of them in one man or women.

Allow me to differentiate several different kinds of leaders or influencers.

Visionaries: They provide the big picture and energy to change things. They must be good communicators.
Example-Build a new type of city; a suburb near Cincinnati

Planners: Takes the vision and lays out the streets and zones for businesses, homes, schools, roads, etc.
Example-The Greenhills

Architects: Develops plans for single family homes, stores, apartments, schools, etc.

Contractors: Build the roads, design the buildings, hires subcontractors.
Example-Fischer Homes

Subcontractors: Provides carpenters, brick layers, heavy machinery operators, etc
Example-Deer Park Roofing

Back Office Workers: Each of these groups has a leadership role. No single concept of leadership fits every group. Plus, behind every group is a lot of activity with accountants, maintenance, cleaners, assistants, etc.

Which kind of leaders do churches usually look for?
Daily Workers,
Back Office Workers,

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