Friday, April 22, 2016

I Saved the Planet

Many of you are too young to remember the very first Earth Day. Not me. I was at the inaugural Earth Day, dancing with the fauns and fairies at the University of Cincinnati in 1970!

I was there with the people wearing Hush Puppies and sandals, my full beard and striped pants in all their glory. Thus I saved the planet that day.

The prophets of gloom and doom were loud back then. I took every prophecy of disaster to heart and single handedly joined the group at UC as we banded together to save the planet. Here are the most serious predictions for you pleasure.

The end of civilization within three decades
Nobel laureate George Wald prophesied in 1970 that civilization would end “unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind,” The Daily Caller reported. Civilization is still here.
Hundreds of millions will starve
Paul Ehrlich, author of The Population Bomb, forecast in 1970 that vast famines would occur in that decade and the next. England would be hit by food shortages, the country would collapse, and civilization would come to an end. And yet the world’s per capita GDP has grown even as the global population has, and fewer people live in poverty.
Gas masks will be required in cities
In January of 1970, Life Magazine claimed that people would have to wear gas masks in cities in ten years due to pollution, and that in 1985, air pollution would cause the world to receive only half the normal amount of sunlight. In fact, air quality is getting better, the World Health Organization says.
The world’s oil will run out
Kenneth Watt, an ecologist, predicted in 1970 that there would be no more oil in the future. Watt wasn’t the only one who thought the world’s oil was peaking— but he was wrong. In fact, today there is an oil glut, leading to cheap prices. Part of the reason for that is the boom of fracking in the United States, where oil production is now much higher than it was in the past.
As I remember it, there were also headlines about  Nuclear Winter! Yep, it was supposed to be Global Freezing! 
How did that work out?

Gary Sweeten

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