Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Importance of Early Childhood Nurture and Education

Fred and Sally have weathered unbelievable stress, illnesses and job changes but stayed together! If they can, so can others.

Common sense will reveal what scholars must spend millions to discover. Here it is: "A two-parent family that stays together and rears their children with love and discipline is essential to the health and welfare of the parents, the kids and the culture.

Why is that a hard concept to accept and support? I was reared in a poor, blue collar, red neck little village on the edge of nowhere with very little education and advanced training is Psychology but we all knew that good parenting was essential to happy families and kids ans schools and churches and communities.

What happened to that basic knowledge and wisdom? Was it abortion that led us to deny the critical link of love between a Mom and her Baby? Abortion is the lie that a woman is NOT pregnant with a child. The propaganda says that she is pregnant with a blob of cells called a "Product of Conception".

Have you ever heard a woman say, "I just learned that I have a "Product of Conception inside of me?"

Now, abortion is easy and two parent families are hard. That is backward. Happy 54th Anniversary to Karen and Me. We stuck it out with love and commitment and have two great kids with four great grand kids.  All of us stayed married.

Marriage is essential to the health and welfare of society. We at Sweeten Life Systems are doing fantastic things to assist families in the quest to rear healthy kids and grand kids. What we do is working all over the world.

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