Sunday, December 20, 2015

Listen This Christmas so you can Love

I am always a bit shocked when I see or hear about how some people try to promote their ideas. I actually grimace and want to shout out why they are missing the mark. But, I resist the urge.

Some examples: 

Harvard University, supposedly one of the most advanced institutions of higher learning in the world, spent untold thousands of dollars to publish a place mat for their students on how to brow beat their families at Christmas. (Oh, I am sorry to use a harsh name, I mean The Holidays!)

The administrators flooded the cafeterias with these things to prepare the students to go home and push the school's idea of Politically Correct notions on four topics.

1. The Yale students protesting being uncomfortable
2. Islamaphobia and taking in Syrian refugees
3. Changing the House Master title to the heads of the residence halls
4. Marches about Black murders

Do the administrators really think the rote answers will convince a parent of the correctness of those issues?

The key to life is LISTENING, for Heaven's Sake. Listen and love your family, especially when they disagree with you. Be patient and kind.

Tune in and hear their ideas and feelings. It is not up to us to tell others what to believe. It is our job to try to understand them.

Tune in to us and we will share our stories and insights.

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