Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Government Insurance and Veterans Medical Care

It seems that politicians are long on promises and short on delivery. The roll out and actual delivery of Obamacare is such an awful scandal that everyone involved in it would be cowering in disgrace if they had a shred of moral fiber. Yet, despite the intentional lies, the failed web sites costing billions of dollars, the designers continue to brag that it is a great idea.

Look at the VA Hospitals for examples of terrible Federal Medical Care despite trillions spent on delivery. (Here in Cincinnati we seem to be different and do offer great care.)
Despite massive failures the politicians ask for more money and cover up their waste.

At Sweeten Life Systems, we are attempting to positively impact every kind of professional care giving from hospitals to Doctor's offices, government agencies for children, nursing homes, counseling centers, ETC. we do it by insisting that the patients and their caregivers be the center of all of it.

Do not get me wrong. Doctors, Counselors, Nurses, Social Workers, and others who deliver care are the most compassionate and committed people on the planet. However, they are in systems that force them to do a certain kind of care on a very short timeline.

I have run part of an in patient hospital and an outpatient clinic. I know the people and systems first hand. I am consulting with government agencies and schools that are mandated by the government to care for the disabled, veterans, and the poor. The requirements are made not for real care but for a bureaucratic goal. That is why so many people cannot get timely care. It is not because of uncaring professionals.

Take a look at our web page to read what we are doing.

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