Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Basics

A friend went to the Post Office to get stamps. He was looking over the array of options from the Jedi Collection to the American Eagle but wanted something that showed a traditional scene of the birth of Jesus. He finally saw the Three Wise Men and pointed to it as his selection. 

The clerk, a woman of 45 or so, said, "I am getting a lot of requests for that one. Why do so many people want some picture of Maggie's?" 

"Maggie's?" my friend asked. 

"Yes, a Maggie."

The educational level of Americans is not very impressive!

As a Minister and Educator I do not think I have done a very good job of educating people. If so little is known by the general public about the birth of Jesus to realize the Three Wise Men how can we expect anyone to respect Jesus as Savior? 

Maybe we need every church in America to do more teachings on the very basics of the Bible.

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