Friday, November 27, 2015

Will Cell Groups Actually Work Today?

I worked with the Singapore expression of a Cell Group Church for several years. It was an exciting, challenging and warmly encouraging time in my life.

I love the Singaporeans and their fervor for Christ. They wanted to have every person in a regular Cell Group but that ideal was never reached. About 45 to 50% were regular attenders as I remember.

They were in a regular but growing Baptist Church that transitioned into a Cell Church under the guidance of the Pastor Lawrence Khong and their Consultant/Teacher Uncle Ralph Neighbour. (Uncle is a term of endearment and respect in Asia.)

The successes of the Cell Movement in Asia are amazing and can be a model for the world. However,Asians are usually more amenable to strong leaders so churches in America, Britain and Australia are not as successful in growth.

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The power of Cell Churches in Asia can be seen in the amazingly effective outreach and evangelism. It was also able to equip thousands of ordinary people to serve as Peer Helpers/Counselors. That was my assignment in Singapore at the TESS Bible School. I wrote a book that has been used all over Asia called Hope and Change for Humpty Dumpty.

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