Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why Support a Non Profit Ministry?

There are so many charities asking for our money that we can be very confused about whom to support. We want to support everybody and have them like us but that is not a very good way to make important decisions.

Some ways I decide whom to support. Although I operate a non-profit that needs your donations, I also try to help others.

1. What do I really believe is important?
2. What do I engage in myself?
3. Does it use the funds for biblical purposes?
4. Does it go to multiply its impact or have a temporary use.
5. Is the organization effective?
6. is the organization efficient?
7. Is the leadership ethical, moral and wise?
8. Does it have any long term fruit so I can see its impact? Are there any witnesses?

See here how I do business. Do not support us if you do not believe in our mission. 

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