Saturday, November 21, 2015

What Can Christians Learn from ISIS?

As I mentioned before, the Early Church was organized into separate, self governing cells, just like ISIS. What can we learn from the Islamic State?

Well, we can learn that they fight furiously with hate and evil to expand their kingdom.  They call their kingdom a "Califate" because that is what the Islamic term is in which they demand complete and total submission to the Muslim Laws. Anyone in that kingdom is tortured and killed.

Our Kingdom is different. It is a Kingdom with a wise, loving and gracious King rather than a mean, destructive ruler. In the Kingdom of God all persons are Children of the King and enjoy the blessings of the Father.

The Kingdom is filled with everlasting love and nurture designed to encourage the Citizens to "Live life with abundance".

But like The Islamic Califate all of us citizens are free to organize ourselves in to self run groups. Except we can gather as often as we want to support each other with the grace of the Father/King.

We do not need a boss to tell us what to do. The King's Book tells us enough.

Our Kingdom builds up while ISIS tears down.
We respect and honor each other, including females while they destroy women.
We hate evil and love good.

Any other comparisons?

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