Saturday, November 21, 2015

Today is Our Anniversary

I told my grand kids of ten and seven years that it is our anniversary and asked them to guess how many years it has been. The seven year old girls said, "Twenty Years?"

I said, "Well, your dad is 45. Does that sound like we have been married only 20 years?"

Frankly, I am with Emma. It does not seem any longer that 20 years, but it has been. But each year has passed packed with so many events that we have not been bored or found time to be slow. Since we married on November 21, 1961 our lives have been a whirlwind of exciting events. Mostly good and some great with very little bad.

Karen has kept a diary filled with names, places, births, deaths, schools, degrees, marriages, churches, Christian friends from around the world, sicknesses and healings, many, many God moments and foreign travel. Lots of foreign travel with God events to boot.

It is a great thing to have that diary. Otherwise we would not know what things filled our lives.

God is good! We are Thankful this 54th Thanksgiving of our marriage.

Karen's Uncle Mike and Her Mother on the left and my Parents on the right.

Karen and Me with Brother Maurie and wife Angela in 1961

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