Monday, November 2, 2015

Partial Reasons to Why Church Leadership is More Difficult now than Before

This is a follow up to Dr. Rainier's article, about why church leadership is so difficult today. I want to open up a discussion and dialogue. Let me hear from you.

I think the deepest issue we face in church leadership is simple. We have an unbiblical model of leadership. The biblical model of leading given in the New Testament is not what most Pastors do. Today it is largely Clergy telling or directing Laity about what to do and how to act. The Bible says we are to be Master Fishermen and Women telling others how to be Fishermen and Women.

I suggest you all read a little book called The Starfish and the Spider. A Starfish has five legs, each of which has a "brain" that controls the leg. there is no central "brain" telling every leg how to operate.  If one of the legs dies or is wounded it can regenerate itself and keep going. Each Starfish has been Equipped to operate with directions from God. It is a self-regulating organism that can interact and cooperate with other.

A Spider also has multiple legs but all are completely controlled by its central "brain". If the brain is harmed the Spider dies. It cannot regenerate itself. Attacks on the center are very harmful to the whole.

The Early Church operated much like a Starfish while Modern Church leaders operate like Spiders. Most of Dr. Rainier's issues are designed to keep the central brain operating even when the various legs are not working properly.

It is a Model Fail!  The Spider Model fails to follow Jesus.

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