Saturday, July 14, 2012

Publishing and Prophesy

Busy! That has been my life so far in 2012. In fact, I have not even had enough time to play golf. That, my friends, is too busy. Since January of this year I have written and re-written four books, a syllabus for each one and posted them on Randy Clark's online classroom called Global Awkening. Randy has a powerful international ministry of healing and training. However, he, like the Apostle Paul, heard God say, "Slow down on that travel business and set up a school to 'Equip God's people to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free". There are, at this time, three tracks. 1. Physical Healing: Randy teaching 2. Inner Healing or Soul Care. Gary Sweeten teaching 3. I ritual Warfare: unsure Ho is teaching My track has four courses with eight weeks in each. My four tracks are: A. Theology of persons and how to encourage Seekers to Change with God's support. B. Power Christian Thinking-How to integrate the Bible and brain science to take every thought to the mind of Christ. C. Breaking Free to be everything God has for us D. How to be Me in My Family Tree Healing the past as I move forward These books and videos are on line and the for a small fee. They are written at a fairly advanced level so they may be too advanced for many of our readers.

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