Monday, July 23, 2012

Medical Care for the Poor

Obamacare was supposedly developed to take care of 30 million people in the USA to who have no health insurance. The politicians took this to mean they had no health care.

Is that true?

Will Obamacare give the poor good medical care?

No one knows but if the track record of past Government programs is any indication the answer may be NO.

The front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer yesterday was a news expose about the fact that multiplied millions of dolalrs are spent every year because of the rule that Congress made to offer free medical health care for every man, woman and child in America. Any person, legal or illegal, can walk into a hospital emergency room and be treated free of charge.

Several years ago I woke up in the middle of the cold winter night to go to the bathroom. It was about 3:00 AM and I discovered that my stool was filled with fresh blood. So, I did what almost every Middle Class American does if that happens, I asked my wife to take me to Christ Hospital.

I got to the Christ ER and signed in. A whole line of mohters with screaming kids with colds was ahead of me. I took a number like I was in a butcher shop. Two hours later and several bllody stools later, my number was called. With someone with symptoms as bad as mine I was stunned that I had to wait behind kids with colds for two hours.

Why was the ER at Christ Hospital filled with kids at 4:00 AM who had no emergency? Why did they come to a place that charges over $5000.00 a person to treat their mkid with sniffles? Because it was free medical Care provided by me and others who have Medical Insurance at the command of the Federal Bureaucrats.

A friend of  mine went to the ER one year over 60 times. Every time he called 911 and rode free to the ER. That free ride cost you and me about $1500.00 per trip. The total cost of treating the cute little kids at dawn was about $7000.00 each. One man in Cincinnati, the Enquirer says, got ER treatment that cost us almost 1 Million Dollars a year.

Will the huge new bureaucracy crafted by Mr. Obama change all that? Probably not. If the hospitals in our area quit treating the common cold at $7000.00 a patient where would they go? To a GP Doctor? If they did, and the barriers are enormous to getting them there, it would require another 100 Doctors to do it. What did Obama do to provide for the huge influx of patients? He hired thousands of new IRS Agents.

From now on when an IRS Agent treats us he will threaten us into taking our meds. "Lose weight or to jail you go!"

If I am wrong I would like to learn how so write and elt me know if I have goofed up.

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