Thursday, July 5, 2012

Medicate Mommy and Granny?

Harvard says Medication Use Grows

Medicaid analysis reveals trends in depression care

An analysis of Florida health insurance data revealed trends in the delivery of depression care. Overall spending increased mainly because of a marked rise in spending on drugs, especially — in a surprise — because of spending on antipsychotics.

Why are we drugging Mommy and Granny with anti psychotics?   There is evidence that older people are increasingly struggling with depression. That, in itself, is a mystery because we are all living better today than ever before. I am convinced that it comes down to Stinking Thinking or Pessimism among the older people.

Here is the good news, we can impact our loved ones by the ways we think and feel. If we are optimistic, hopeful, loving and faithful the people around us are likely to feel more positive. Yep, isn't that a blast?

If you want to help others, just help yourself.

Positive, Bible believing, worshipful, caring churches are almost guaranteed to help people feel happier and healthier. So, why are Doctors feeding the elderly anti-psychotics. Those very powerful drugs are designed not for depression at all but for psychosis like schizophrenia. 

Look at the headlines.  More money is being spent on treating depression but it is the wrong treatment. These drugs have tremendously bad side effects. Why?

Several years ago a friend called me to inquire if our Life Way Counseling Center had a Medical Doctor Psychiatrist on the staff.  His mom was suffering from depression and the drugs were killing her. We have a Psychiatrist and I suggested that he bring his mom in to see our Doctor.

Our Doctor took her off all those bad drugs and replaced them with appropriate medications. She almost immediately got better. If you have a parent or loved one being treated for depression, check the medication.

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Gary Sweeten

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