Tuesday, July 17, 2012

From Addiction to Addition

When we first began to travel in Russia I did some research about the people, their health and their faith. I discovered that the people had been treated very badly by the Socialists in the USSR and many people lost their parents, grandparents and children when the Bolsheviks terrorized them and peresecuted them because they were successful.

Yes, it was the intentional plan of the Soviet Socialist Republic to destroy the Middle Class and Upper Class. Stalin and his henchmen hated any person or family that excelled and did better economically than others. Even today, the Socialists in Russia hate the idea of the Bell Shaped Curve that describes reality in terms of statistical distributions.

Some people are smart and some are dumb but most are average. Some people are extremely talented and some have no talent but most have a few talents. Some people have a lot of energy and some people have very little energy but most have an average amount of energy.

Socialists attempt to destroy the statistical  model that predicts such things. They deny that these statistics are accurate and they insist that the notion that some people are smarter, harder working and more talented is unfair so they pass laws making these statistical truths illegal.

Stalin and his Socialist buddies passed laws making it illegal to own farm machinery taht allowe dthe owners to plow more acreage, cut wood faster, or reap crops more efficiently. Farmers who prospered were taxed highly and had their machinery taken away from them. They were called, Kulaks in Ukraine and were villified by the Federal Government. In fact, many were burned out, killed and scattered to the four winds.

In Russia today we see the Federal Government suppressing the high producers. They are taxing and suppressing any group that received support from overseas. That includes churches and ministries.

Pray for the Christians in Russia. Only God can give them relief. Many of the most effective ministries started out as Counseling and teaching the families of alcohol and drug Addicts. Through those Recovery Groups thousands of people have come to Christ. Numerous families have been healed and restored. Former Addicts have become Pastors and Priests.

Revival is happening but the world, the flesh and the devil are attacking hard.

 PRAY for:

Galina, Irinia, Anya, Anatoly, Yvgenia, Marina, Paul, Michael, Anna, and all others! Pray for prosperity and protection.

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