Sunday, February 12, 2017

Shame and Shaming are on the Rise

I have written and taught extensively on the biblical difference between True Moral Guilt and Shame. I am currently reading a series of articles that focus on that issue in a very interesting manner. They are writing a lot about Shame Cultures and how Christians can commmunicate with them without offending the people in that culture.

Almost every writer and American talking head addresses Guilt and Shame from a psychological perspective that excludes the biblical approach. Secular psychology does the following when discussing guilt and shame.

They suggest that Guilt is the feeling that we have after having done something bad.

They suggest that Shame is the feeling that I am a bad, awful hateful person. 

Those are feelings and fail to trace the origins of them to a deeper truth. From a biblical/spiritual perspective, both Guilt and Shame are far different and far deeper.

Guilt is the reality of condemnation by a court of Justice when we violate God's will. 

A guilty person may or may not experience "feelings of guilt" but it is a fact that we are guilty. Many persons that commit awful acts against society and other people do not "feel" guilty. An inability to "feel" guilt is a mark of narcissism. The result of true moral is conviction by God and/or a moral sensibility that I deserve to be punished. 

Shame is the reality and sense that I have lost or betrayed my Identity and Inheritance as a Christian.  The result is a sense that I will be rejected from the community of believers. 

Some churches and cultures teach that failure to follow the rules of the group deserve to be Shamed and shunned. Shunning occurs in "Closed Systems" that want to send a message of eternal death to anyone that fails to mimic the preferred behavior and norms. 

If you are interested in culture, truth, fake news, how to respond to Political Correct friends, read those articles.

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