Thursday, February 16, 2017

Assessing Church Health and Impact

Since leaving the staff of a church in 1989 to open a Christ centered Clinical Counseling and in-patient center I have had the opportunity to visit and minister in a lot of different churches. One of my ministries has been and continues to be Mentoring and supporting Christians in formal and informal ministries.

I have seen a lot of different churches here in the USA and around the world. As a result I have developed ideas about the effectiveness of leaders, various church structures, and theological approaches.

Assessing Effectiveness on a 1-10 Scale:
Orthodox Theology:
A Focus on Growth and Healing
Good Preaching and Teaching
Scripture: Truth
Relationships: Fruit
Gifts of the Spirit
Practical Life
Ministry to Children and Youth
Ministry to Couples and Families
Equipping Members to Serve
Worship Quality and Variety
Outreach to Non-Believers
Compassionate Outreach
Variety of Ways to Enter Church Activities
A Good Reputation in the Wider Community

There are possibly more.

What do you want to add to the list?

What do you think is quality?

Get our materials to learn how to do these things.

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