Monday, February 13, 2017

Dealing with Disagreements!

My latest blog post on the Sweeten Life Blog focuses on the need for skills to deal with differences. I will say again that divorces and family conflicts tend to occur bcause people cannot agree to disagree agreeably!

My family of origin did not deal with differences well. Politics split us. Despite his commitment to free speech, Dad could not stand Republicans. He almost had a heart attack when my brother announced he voted for Nixon.

That kind of emotional reactivity is dangerous to any person that carries such out-of-control feelings. A reactive person is a slave to every person that wants to "push his buttons" and cause a meltdown. A manipulator can tell if their target person is reactive and can bait him to get upset and lose control. When the terget loses control the manipulator can turn him and twist him in the wind. Many people, especially in the media, are allowing President Trump to do that to them right now.

Here is my attempt to foster freedom of speech and freedom of thought in religion, politics and other issues.

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