Friday, February 24, 2017

Caring Relationships can Actually Heal PTSD

             We ministered to First Responders at Ground Zero

PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a condition that millions of people suffer from. It occurs as a result of a traumatic event we have suffered in the past. In past wars we might have called the condition "Shell Shock" but it is not restricted to Adverse Events suffered by adults in war. It is experienced by many people as a result of childhood losses and toxic events.

Over the years we in the Teleios Ministry at College Hill Presbyterian Church developed groups, classes, and prayer events. The goal was always continuing the healing ministry of Jesus. Many habits developed as a result of Adverse Childhood Events (ACE). You can get an overview of our approach by getting a copy of my eBook The Healing Release of the Holy Spirit from my website. 

Let me hit the high spots about the best and most comprehensive way to overcome PTSD.

1. Equip everyone in the church with caring skills and attitudes.  Genuineness, Respect, Empathy and Warmth. The GREW Skills! It is Love In Action. Get the eBook Hope and Change for Humpty Dumpty.

2. Spirit filled thinking. Almost everyone with PTSD struggles with Stinking Thinking or Pessimistic Obsessions. They tend to take negative, pessimnistic thinking to new heights of self rejection, guilt, shame and self destruction. How can that be changed? We wrote materials that equip everyone with Power Thinking. It's called Power Christian Thinking.

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Gary Sweeten

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