Friday, February 10, 2017

Positive Peer Pressure

Yesterday I posted my thought about how peer pressure can cause us to violate our integrity. Today I show how to resist peer pressure. Here is the rest of the research story.

The experiment was changed ever so slightly. One of the paid assistants was told to choose the truly longest line. This one small movement of support made a remarkable difference. What do you think happened when they did this?

The naive students felt free to choose according tom their own ideas. They would easily and happily speak up and choose the right one. Their countenance was bright and they never gave in to peer pressure. With the support of only one person on their side the feelings and behavior changed dramatically.

Jesus said, “Where two or more are gathered in my name I am there”. 

They always had a partner to stand with to proclaim the good news. And, He always sent the disciples out two by two. 

We need each other if we are to make a difference in the world. We need community. We need mutual support.

You know why mountain climbers are tied together?                                                                                          

To keep the sane ones from going home.  

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