Saturday, May 16, 2015

Why Do Some Educators and Leaders Fight Christians?

Maslow often wrote that he was an  atheist. Or, maybe it is better to say that he had no place for God or spirituality in his life. Unfortunately his ideas still permeate our world.

As a young man studying Education and Counseling I was expected to follow famous writers like Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers and BF Skinner. However, none of them believed in God as a supernatural reality.

I did and I do! So, how did I deal with professors that rejected my faith and my view of God? For example, I had a Sociology Professor at UC that refused to allow me to do research on the impact of Alcoholics Anonymous. He said as a government agency, UC had to have a "Wall of separation between the church and the state".

Yes, I know it was a bogus claim. AA is not a church and it simply suggests that addicts turn their lives over to God. However, Dr. Clovis Shepherd was a narrow minded and closed minded teacher who held my academic fate in his hands. I complied with his ridiculous claims.

Many of the most famous people in Counseling and Psychology were not only agnostics or atheists they were anti-Christian and angry at Christian students like me. Some of them persecuted us then and we had to be wise in our resistance. Some are still doing it. And, it will get worse as these folks gain more power in the government.

If you want to know how a Christ centered Educator integrates his faith and the supernatural into care and counsel, click here! 

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