Saturday, May 23, 2015

Special Needs Kids Need Our Help

About Six years ago we did some research on the needs of kids with a serious disability or delay. Most agencies do a good job on treating the physical and medical issues of these kids but the relational, emotional and spiritual needs are not on their radar. As a result we set up an entirely new organization to train professional case workers how to help the families grow and prosper as whole persons. The video by Bob Brubaker shows how we do it.

The results from our research validated our hunch when parents filled out our Family Resource Builder Self-Assessment. The summary indicated that physical needs were in third place behind the desire for more support of family life and community support.

You can vote for our entry into the Cincinnati Innovates contest on that same page. If we get your vote we win $2,000.00! What a nice gift.

You can also go to the Patient Home Advantage home page for more information.

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