Friday, May 15, 2015

Equipping Christians to Care and Coach Family and Friends

Our ministries have been involved in setting up Equipping Centers in over 100 nations. I developed the chart below to train Lay People to know when to refer a person to a Professional. ©Dr. Gary R Sweeten

Levels of Problems and Pain
Type A Persons: No life-interrupting problems

Level I Very mature and healthy individuals

  • Able to lead if equipped
  • Strong in relationships and self control
  • Stable and deal with life’s problems
  • Full range of emotional life
  • Not blown about by every new thing

Need: Leadership training

Level II Can vary in healthy lifestyles from weak to developing

  • Some are fragile but dealing with life
  • Need to be discipled and equipped for service

Need: Challenge to grow and be trained

Type B Persons: Differing types and intensity of problems

Level III Ongoing issues and problems that cause disruptions

  • Worried or anxious, sad, angry, conflicts and dissatisfied with life
  • Miss appointments, sleepless, low performance, relational problems
  • Can work and learn from counsel
  • No harmful thoughts about self or others

Need: Lay care and counsel, support of friends and family

Level IV Ongoing problems and pain

  • Issues getting worse
  • Cannot meet personal, work, family or school responsibilities and cannot change
  • Misses appointments due to depression, anxiety, stress, drinking, etc
  • Cannot concentrate, does very poor work, scattered thoughts
  • Compulsive behaviors with food, gambling, anger, drugs
  • Unresolved conflicts

Need: Refer to Professional Counseling

Level V Acute Pain

  • Lay and Professional counseling have failed to help so pain increases
  • Cannot manage school or work
  • Ideas are distorted, cannot manage life or relationships
  • Dangerous use of alcohol, food, drugs
  • Thoughts of harming self or others

Need: Intensive care in a safe place

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