Saturday, May 23, 2015

What Were the Conditions when Jesus Lived?

It is hard to imagine how people lived during the times and life of Jesus. As one historian said, "Life was brutal and short." The life expectancy was probably in the thirties. Just imagine how many women and children died in childbirth. People did not need an explanation why Genesis said "Childbirth was going to be painful."

There were few medicines and no understanding of germs and viruses. God told Moses about the need for cleanliness and discarding things contaminated by communicable diseases but they did not understand why. (See Exodus 15)

Governments were often callous, evil and vindictive with little if any justice. The current murderous acts of ISIS was probably a regular occurrence in biblical times. No wonder God's people sometimes wiped out entire warring tribes.

The needs were overwhelming so we may be able to learn from Him what model is most effective for overcoming such terrible conditions. Nothing is more effective than a good model.

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